Your simple mix-and-match plan for greater control, versatility and endless possibilities! Fortified for use as part of a full product based plan and flexible enough to further boost the nutritional quality through the use of fresh ingredients.

The number coded food system that makes meal planning a breeze!

It’s all about the base! Each Smoothie, Hot or Pasta Base Pack, is formulated to provide the nutritional foundation of the meal. Complete the meal by pairing the Base Pack with either the matching Flavor Pack (Smoothies, Soups, Pasta) or fresh ingredients


Choose Your Base

Smoothie Base
Pasta Base
Hot Base

Match it, Flavor It!

Smoothie flavor pack
Pasta flavor pack
Soup flavor pack
or Fresh Ingredients


Sit back and enjoy the
satisfying feeling of being
healthy, fit and in control.


Commited to state of the art nutrition the best combination of


Clean, non-gmo, ingredients that drive both function and taste.


Greater choice prevents dietary burnout, promotes compliance and builds a framework for long term success.


Highly designed formulations backed by the latest dietary research.

VLC Commitment to Quality

Our story begins in the kitchen. Our team of food scientists and dietitians work to transform the latest dietary research and food science into great tasting food products that support a framework for healthy living. Here’s how we do it.

Superior Taste

Pure ingredients, pure taste. Our food products are a testament to the fact that taste is king! Our philosophy is to produce food products that we ourselves enjoy and would share with our friends and family. If it’s on your plate, it’s on our plate!

Convenience and Control

Redundant flavor choices and sipping, sipping, sipping all day long while on a “diet” makes you feel restricted, isolated and all out bad. The mix-and-match concept using neutral nutrition packed bases combined with flavor packs and fresh ingredients, addresses the common concerns and struggle one faces when following a dietary plan. The food products within the system are designed to be incorporated along the entire spectrum of weight management plans, from full product based VLCD’s to food based maintenance plans.


We take great pride in presenting clean and accurate nutrition labels within our VLC line. We source ingredients from all over the world and vet them so that they meet our superior manufacturing standards. The VLC line is gluten free, non-gmo, free of artificial flavors and colors. Simply free to be enjoyed.


The VLC food products are specifically formulated so that they can be used as part of a full product based plan. They are fortified with vitamins and minerals with special attention taken to support the increased potassium and sodium needs of those following a full product based plan.

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