A la Carte Program - Flexibility and Choice to Meet a Variety of Needs
The Concept Where our Low Calorie Diet (LCD) provides a structure based primarily on food products, the A La Carte program begins to introduce additional fresh, food-based meals as the first step towards a maintenance plan that uses all grocery foods.

At this point in the program, patients will have learned to identify their main diet issues with the use of our online skill building tools. For some, the issue may be making healthy meal choices. For others it may be controlling portion sizes of their in-between meal snacks. To overcome these challenges, the A La Carte program gives the flexibility to use a meal replacement or protein supplement when needed, while also introducing more fresh foods.
How it's Implemented Patients following the A La Carte eating plan should be familiar with the structure of the program, which combines face-to-face interaction with practice staff, combined with web-based tools and support. Patients can continue to attend weigh-ins as needed for support and will continue to benefit from tour suite of online tools, including the Meal Builder tool where they can search an extensive library of recipes for food-based meals.
Program Components
Advisor Support
Advisor Support Patients will stay on track by having unlimited access to our skilled team of Advisors through Live Chat or scheduled calls to make the best use of the tools.
Education Providing quality education at the point when it is most relevant, transforms information into knowledge. Our suite of educational resources makes this process efficient and customizable.
Structured Eating Plan
Structured Eating Plan Great tasting portion controlled food products combined with our easy-to-use library of healthy meals makes compliance easy.
Skill Building Tools
Skill Building Tools Our self-monitoring, planning and tracking tools are designed to be easy-to-use and allow the user to develop the skills they need to keep the weight off.
Sample Eating Plan

Sample A La Carte Eating Plan