Non-Medically Supervised
Low Calorie Diet (LCD) Program - 1200-1600 Low Calorie Diet (LCD) Protocol
The Concept The Low Calorie Diet (LCD) is a long established and safe weight loss protocol designed to produce 1-2 pound-per-week weight loss by inducing a 500-1,000 kcal per day energy deficit. For most people, this rate of weight loss can be accomplished with a diet compromised of 1,200-1,600 calories per day (based on body size and energy needs).

Our LCD diet protocol incorporates food products as the foundation of the eating plan to provide patients the necessary structure and nutrition to stay on track.
How it's Implemented Our programs are implemented using a mix of face-to-face interaction with practice staff, combined with web-based tools and support. Our web-based tools are designed to be easy-to-use for both the patient and the practice and greatly increase patient-provider engagement for optimal outcomes. We will provide you the training and support materials needed to introduce your patients to the program, as well as ongoing support for both your practice and your patients.
Program Components
Advisor Support
Skill Building Tools Our self-monitoring, planning and tracking tools are designed to be easy-to-use and allow patients to develop the healthy lifestyle skills they need.
Structured Eating Plan Great-tasting, portion controlled food products provide the foundation of the eating plan and can be used with our extensive online database of healthy meal recipes, making it easy to prepare one fresh meal per day.
Structured Eating Plan
Advisor Support Patients will stay on track by having access to our skilled team of Advisors through Live Chat or scheduled calls, to make the best use of the online tools.
Skill Building Tools
Education Provide quality education and counseling at the point when it's most effective with our customizable suite of educational resources.
Sample Eating Plan

Sample 1200 Calorie Eating Plan